About Me

 Welcome to my website! Thank you for visiting. I’m Cristina, owner / writer of It’s (not too) Complicated™, mom, wife, musician, writer, aspiring entrepreneur, and MBA student!

My most important roles are mother to my son, Oscar, and wife to my husband, Chris. Oskie, otherwise known as #oskiewiththegoodhair, is my first and only child and is a joy and a blessing. I plan to share all of my ups, downs, humor, sadness, frustration, love, and joy of motherhood with you. At the ripe old age of three, he's endured a one and a half month NICU stay, six surgeries, and has physical, occupational, and speech therapies three times a week. He is globally delayed and tube fed. There is so much more to my little Oskie than his medical diagnoses, and I love sharing it all with you.

I'm a self employed musician and writer, so I get to create my own schedule. I realize that this is both a luxury and a blessing — especially this past year while my husband and I are long distance, and my son can’t be in daycare as he’s so prone to illness. I applaud moms and dads who stay home with their children, those who work and have sitters and nannies, and everything in between. However you have to do it, parenting is hard!

Here, I explore my attempt at balancing my life as part time writer and performer, and full time wife and mother. I truly want to reflect the many dimensions and layers of personhood. Although all of our situations are unique, I hope you can connect with some or all of the stories I share.

Life is a beautiful mess, and every complicated aspect of it is worth celebrating. I hope you find a sense of relatability in my (not too) complicated life.