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About Dr. G

Many of you may recognize me from my most renowned role, Oscar’s favorite auntie, but I am here to humbly introduce myself in my lesser known role, Dr. Gabriela Perez (soon-to-be Siman) *This is where I show off my swoon worthy engagement ring.* I am a graduate of Kansas City University medical school and am currently completing my training in Internal Medicine in Miami FL.

Let me start out by saying all of the things that I am supposed to say:

Legal disclaimer: All views and opinions are my own and do not reflect those of my employer or institution. Also, I can not and will not give any medical advice online. I am NOT a pediatrician and do not give pediatric medical advice. Please visit your favorite primary care physician or other healthcare provider for an individualized discussion about your personal health concerns! If you give me a year, you can visit me in my future office.

Whew, now that all of the disclaimers are out of the way, let me ACTUALLY introduce myself and discuss a little bit about why my sister unexpectedly decided to share her spotlight. Cristina and I have noticed, thanks to my super unique nephew, that:

1) There are a lot of discrepancies between patients, families, and providers when it comes to healthcare.

2) There is an enormous deficit of communications between patients, families, and providers with providers in the healthcare system.

3) The medical system is completely convoluted, not transparent at all, is horrendous to navigate alone, insurance companies really... add to all of the confusion..., and both patient and doctors really, truly wish that it were not this way but it is and I can offer insight to HELP make this journey a little bit more clear. 

4) There are many ways that you can maximize your relationship with you and your child’s healthcare providers, you just need an insider to help you (that’s ME)! 

5) The sole STRESS of being a caretaker (parents, etc) is one of the most stressful things that a human being can experience and I’ve got a lot to say about taking care of your own health. 

Therefore, I’m here to help! If you’d like to see my CV and get an idea of all of my awards, accolades, medical research projects, etc., etc., you can just email Cristina. I think it’s safe to say, that if Oscar highly recommends me, that I’m pretty much the person for the job. 

— Dr. G