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Why Beautycounter? My Story.

Why I made the switch to Beautycounter…

“Then I thought about all the makeup I wore on stage, and how much of it got into our system. My cast mates and I were in close quarters for years, powdering our faces, spraying our hair all with ALL THE HAIRSPRAY --and now all I can think of is the exorbitant amount of chemicals floating around in the air which would make their way into our lungs and skin -- the largest organ in our body. It's said that we consume about a pound of lipstick per year. A pound!!! And when you work in showbiz - you can bet that number drastically increases. I thought about all these chemicals that must have been in my system for years. Why would I do that to myself when there is a safer, cleaner alternative available to me. Once you have the knowledge, you just can't turn back…”