Girls Night Out: Bayou Wine Garden

Girls Night Out: Bayou Wine Garden

Wine. On. Tap.  

Need I say more? The perfect late April warm- weather-with-a-cool- breeze and perfect sunset served as a perfect back drop for the wine. On. Tap. And also, for catching up with my good friend, Courtney. 

Said perfect weather led us to the outdoor bar where we spent the early evening indulging in the last few minutes of happy hour and a solid couple of hours catching up on literally everything that's happened with each other since the last girls night. Blissfully unaware of the football draft coinciding with our wine night, we may have chosen a table too close to the speakers, but other than that, the setting was just dreamy. Cafe lights strewn from table to table were just as cheery in the daylight as they would be after sunset. Whiffs of crawfish boil solidified the sense of spring. Servers whisked by balancing trays of Parmesan garlic fries, cheese and charcuterie plates, and gourmet sandwiches as we perused the mouth watering menu. A medium bodied Nero d'Avola red, priced at $4 a glass for happy hour, was a delightful beginning to the wine and small plates feast, but a heavy Cabernet was the drink of choice for the rest of the night. Having set our eyes on the Parmesan garlic fries, we couldn't possibly not order them, so we paired them with a cheese plate and roasted cauliflower with romesco sauce, naturally. 



New Orleans being the small town that it is, a former coworker of Courtney's happened to be sitting at the table directly across from us. She reveals she's just about done with OT school, in the same place where we just received an adaptive car for my son. I showed a picture from the independent mobility workshop we attended to my new acquaintance, and she recognized the therapists in the photo instantly. Her classmates built my son's car, which has given him the gift of independent mobility (more on the car and independent mobility another time). We might have squealed in delight. 

This scenario couldn't have tied more perfectly to the conversation we were just having about how the paths we've taken and people we have known, have fallen into place in one way or another, making perfect sense in hindsight. For example, my degree in Music Therapy and my Pilates certification have been invaluable in understanding and carrying out the therapists' goals and activities for my son. It's allowed me to continue his therapies on off days and track his progress in a way that's tangible and helpful to his OT, PT, and Speech Pathologist. Or how my semester working at Children's Hospital shadowing the music therapist there brought me to the NICU every week, so I was already familiar with the unit and all the alarms, wires, and medical equipment I would see when my own son was admitted, as well as giving me a woman to contact when I was still recovering in another hospital to "look out for Baby Boy Edmunds, he's mine!" Coincidence? It feels like fate. 

Another glass of cab, and we've made a sizable dent in our small plates and in our catching up. Unable to hop in a car for a recent road trip to another friend's wedding, Courtney relived the road trip, ceremony, and reception so I wouldn't feel like I missed out on anything. For the next hour or so we covered everything we could think of, from upcoming job and career changes, the to-wear-a-bra-or-not dilemma, relationships, family, and even health insurance. A call from my husband / designated driver for the night requesting food meant our girls night would soon be coming to a close. A no baby in the bar policy meant it would be coming to a close even faster than we thought, and I packaged my hubby's dinner to go. 

With a three year move around the country looming in the near future, I'm trying to soak up all my girl time as possible. These girls nights never seem long enough, or frequent enough, but they're always cherished. 

Cheers to the past, present, and future, cheers to friends and family, and cheers to girls night out! 

Here's hoping that my future temporary homes might have a dreamy outdoor bar where I can sit and relax over a pile of fries and a glass of wine or two. Wine on tap not necessary, but highly appreciated.  


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