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It's (actually very) Complicated

“The truth is, life is always complicated. Sometimes more so, sometimes less so. We can not control the fact that there are so many layers to life. That joy coexists with grief, loss, and suffering. That three steps forward can also mean ten steps back. That you won’t always get help when you need it, that you won’t always feel strong, and that you will inevitably feel exhausted. I think, if we can accept these facts, and learn how we cope with these moments — then we can make our lives less messy, less complicated than before…”

Ethics 101

“Remember that class you had in college, where there were no right or wrong answers, only "best" answers? Scenario after infuriating scenario was presented, and you had to make your case for how you would get the best possible outcome, only to never actually get validation that your answer was "correct." Ethics. My entire life is now an ethics course…”

Medically Complex Marriage

"I don’t think it’s nice to talk badly about people behind their backs. Which is why I’ve asked my husband for his blessing to publish this article.  Here’s the thing, I’ve gotten so many comments and messages about how strong we are as a family, and I can only imagine it looks that way in the one or two pictures we have on social media together as a couple..."